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  Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune is here simply to help you to realize your Buddhahood. You are a Buddha, but you have forgotten. Just remembering, recognizing and you are a Buddha again. We welcome you to join Meditation, Meditation Camps, Celebration and other Groups for the growth of your consciousness.  
  A real commune, a real communism, will create equal opportunities for growth, but accept the uniqueness of each individual... we have pooled all our energies, all our money-- everything into a single pool which will be taking care of all the people... absolute freedom of expression in other words in creativity... Man is here to rejoice, to live a life as beautifully, as peacefully, as comfortably as possible... All the communes should be interdependent... In a commune the older people will be loved and respected for their experiences...  
  Many of you have been with me in the past. Many of you have been together in the past. It is a meeting of old friends. You have forgotten -- I have not forgotten. And sooner or later you will start remembering.  
  And you are certainly not new. You have been here long enough, you have lived long enough. Many many lives you have been passing. And you have brought many riches; you have brought great heritages with you. And once all those heritages are poured into one pool, it will be one of the richest phenomena that has ever happened or can ever happen.  
  Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights the whole year around. Only then you can grow up, you can blossom. Transform small things in to celebration... Everything that you should do should be expressive of you; it should have your signature on it. Then life becomes a continuous celebration.  
  Sannyas is to give you a sense of direction, a togetherness, a roottedness, an awareness of what you are and what you can be.  
  The greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others-- and wait.  
  Sannyas is pulling yourself together, sannyas means making all possible human effort to wake up. It happens, but one has to make a very concentrated effort for it. It has to be passionate, intense; it has to be total and whole.    
  Sannyas is a commitment-- a commitment to know yourself, a commitment to be yourself, a commitment to risk everything for this exploration. It is total involvement with existence, going to the very depths of existence and to the heights of existence.  
  Love is commitment! Love gone, all commitment is gone: this is my meaning.    
  Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune is here simply to help you to realize your Buddhahood. You are a Buddha, but you have forgotten.
Just remembering, recognition and you are Buddha again. We welcome you to join our Meditations, Celebrations and other groups for the growth of your consciousness.
  Dream the impossible dream. It may look absurd in the beginning - - It does look - - but if it is strong enough, it transforms your reality. -- Osho
  I leave you my dream...Osho  
  Yes, we are dreaming the impossible by encouraging our co-traveler meditative sannyasins who are on Osho-path. We trust that meditative sannyasins who are close to our beloved Master Osho could take quantum leap to actualize His dream.  
  Imbibing Osho-dream in our being, we have opened a "Research Institute for Meditation and Understanding, School of Bodhisattvas , Mystery School ," under Om Bodhisattva Trust to give intense inner momentum to Osho Movement.  
  These institutions are exclusively for the growth of consciousness. These are purely experimental, not academic. These are simply for the sharing of Osho- understanding. Those, who are associated / will associate with our institutions will find out their most favourite Osho meditation technique to work on intensely and totally. In addition, they will imbibe clear understanding for their own growth of consciousness through books, audio-video tapes and CDs of Osho.  
  This place introduces you to yourself through simple methods so as to attain one's center, Here, sharing of your authentic experiences will be respected and accepted. These institutions are simply a loving togetherness of fellow travelers, who are working on themselves.  
  Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune is a beautiful campus in the exclusive and exotically green area of Dehradun (700 meters). The Doon valley is a most picturesque valley at the foothills of eternal Himalayas . It has got a salubrious climate (September through March 5 to 30 centigrades). One can fly directly from Delhi to Dehradun which is 300 k.m. Dehradun is well connected by trains and motorable roads to different part of India .  
  Facilities: Rooms with vegetarian food are available for Osho - Sannyasins.  
Daily: Four different Osho meditations and Osho White Robe Brotherhood.  
Monthly: Osho Meditation Camp and groups like Vipassana, Nada, Moment - Relaxation, Mind -- No-Mind, Creativity, Mystic Rose, Born Again, Remind Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Mind and Body, Opening to the Heart, Opening to Feeling: Breath, Self - Hypnosis for Meditation, Inner Skills for Your Working Life, etc.  
Celebrations: 19th Osho Mahotsava, 21st March Osho Enlightenment Day, July Osho Guru Purnima, 11th December Osho birth-day.  
INITIATION: During Osho Meditation Camps and Celebrations sannyas initiation is also happening.  
  The only treasure worth searching for is your own nature. The real adventure is to go within yourself. Once it becomes your commitment -- a deliberate, conscious commitment, a decision that "whatsoever happens I have to find myself, my nature, my being : I am not going to miss this opportunity of life." Once this decision is clearly there and your energies start pouring into it, there is no reason why one should fail. Nobody has ever failed. Whosoever has put his energies into the inner search has always found himself.  
  Knowing that "I am not the body," is the beginning of a great pilgrimage. Then knowing that, "I am not the mind either," is a further step; then finally knowing that, "I am not even the feeling," is the last step.  
  In these three steps the journey is over because on the fourth step you discover your being, and that being is vast, infinite; as vast as the ocean, as vast as the sky. To experience it is to experience God. And to experience it is to experience bliss, ecstasy.